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The largest selection of direct fleet cars for sale at every auction. Hundreds of cars auctioned weekly at up to half the garage price most with service history and most with warranties.

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Why pay more when you can pay less for your next van at Merthyr Motor Auctions

We only sell fleet from major companies, councils, health authorities, water companies, power industry, charities etc.

The only auction in Europe with fleet only vans for sale

If you are a builder, plumber, electrician, painter, delivery driver, a one man band or a private buyer; buying at is your best choice. We only sell fleet, most vehicles come with service history and warranties and are sold every auction without reserve to the highest bidder.

We always have a fantastic selection of vans for sale at auction every week.

We are an established business of over 40 years selling millions direct to the users all over the UK and worldwide. We export across the globe and make buying at auction a simple process.

Latest Customer Reviews

I couldn't say enough about this company. I bought a 2010 vauxhall insignia for 4300 using the online spotter. I originally placed bids of 4500 on 4 cars but only needed 1, so instructed the spotter that when I bought 1 to withdraw all other bids. The spotter was fantastic and got the car for me at 4300. I was give all the info on the cars and photos before I placed the bids and when I collected the car a few days later the service was excellent. There was a queue of people collecting vehicles.
Everything about the car had been exactly as I was told even the scratch on the door. I imported the car to Southern Ireland and had to pay duty on it so the total cost including flights, shipping and fees was 8000 and I've just had the car valued at 11000. Very happy 10/10

Connaught Solar , S. Ireland
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